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Handmade Duck Calls


Hammer Calls™ is a high-end maker of custom handmade duck calls. Our Checkmate design is a clean, loud, open water call. It's the ideal choice when you're in a large open space where you need a higher volume call that does not sacrifice the soft, quiet option that finishes birds. We offer the Checkmate in our Devil's Cuts as well. Devil’s Cut is a small-bore version of our Checkmate that gives you even a softer finish. 

Dr. Jekyll

Dr. Jekyll Style
Our Dr. Jekyll design handmade duck calls are raspy timber-style calls. Quieter than Checkmate, they're the ideal choice for the hunter who prefers the forest to the open water. Dr. Jekyll is our go-to call when the birds are wanting something a little different. Dr. Jekyll is a great counterpart to our Checkmate.

Mr. Hyde

Mr. Hyde Style
Our Mr. Hyde design handmade duck calls are a cut down style and are the raspiest calls we make. They're a specialty style call for the experienced hunter who's looking for a harder, raspier sound than is usually available from other makers. Mr. Hyde features a heavy 14-millimeter reed to give you that extra bark you are after. 
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