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Custom Goose Calls

Hunting is an art that requires a professional level of knowledge of various animal species and the proper equipment to find success. A quality goose call is essential to accurately imitating the natural sounds of a goose and attracting these birds to come to your location in order to avoid a wild goose chase.

At Hammer Calls, we dedicate ourselves to upholding the superb quality of our custom goose calls. We carefully handcraft every custom order down to the reed, barrel, and insert. We confidently boast the level of accuracy of our calls that to waterfowl, if it quacks like a duck and honks like a goose, it must be a fellow waterfowl! We work with each hunter to tailor our custom-made goose calls and tune them specifically to the calling style of the hunter. Unlike the major chain and mass-produced calls, we welcome criticism and will hand-tailor any call to the caller.

We offer a wide range of affordable options without sacrifice to quality for our custom goose calls. We build our calls out of the best material that you can buy without paying a premium price. We offer acrylic and wood finishes, and customizable reed and insert bore options. Choose from one of our three design styles: Crowd Control, The Law, and Riot, and give your call the tone that closely matches your calling style.

Whatever the style of your custom goose call, you will receive a great product personally handmade by passionate staff who are dedicated to waterfowl hunting. We are a company of guys who eat, sleep, and breathe the outdoors. We put this passion and experience into the products we craft so that we may share our genuine interest of waterfowl hunting with other avid hunters.

Call us today or fill out the contact form on our home page to find out more information about our custom goose calls.

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