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Our Story

Our Story

At Hammer Calls™, we are pushing ourselves to build best-sounding duck calls that will compete with any on the market today.  We hand build every barrel, insert, and reed. Each of us tunes every call to make sure we all hear the same Hammer Call™ sound that we desire. Unlike the major chain calls, we welcome criticism and will hand tailor any call to the caller.


We are a company founded and run by four guys who eat, sleep, and breath the outdoors. We started out as a group of friends and family obsessed with bass fishing. As the years went on, and the cold weather moved in, we found ourselves wanting something to fill the winter void. So, naturally, we found the next most expensive hobby out there: waterfowl hunting.


Cody was the bad influence of the group. One day he said, "Hey, we should try duck hunting!"  So we all grabbed some cheap calls and our shotguns and gave it a try. Needless to say, it didn't take long to take hold of our addictive personalities. To our amazement, we found some friends who were willing to take us out with them and show us the ropes. Not long after, we starting buying decoys and blinds and we were, what you'd consider "balls deep" in this.


After a few months of buying new calls and hunting, we realized that we really had an obsession with duck calls. The problem was that, as most duck hunters know, calls can be very expensive. As fate would have it,  one day Aaron said, "Let's just build these damn things." Now, here we are!

If you're interested in a truly great duck or goose call, contact us and see what we are about!


Our Pro Staffers


Tristan Hilger

Nebraska Fowlers Outdoors


Brian Green

Thunder Valley Outfitters


Avery Unrein


AJ "Beaker" Schahrer


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